• important_devices Add to Homescreen Banner Test it using Chrome on Android, load the page twice in less than 5 minutes and you will see the Add to Homescreen banner. Once you add the app, use the icon on your homescreen to launch it like a native app. star
  • signal_cellular_connected_no_internet_4_bar Offline Mode Launch the website or the app on your homescreen, turn on the airplane mode, and re-launch the app. You should see the latest state of the app or website, and no offline page or messages. Tested in Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Android, both mobile and desktop browsers, not sure about iOS / OSX. star
  • mms Push Notifications First click on the Enable Push Notifications button. Your device will be registered to receive push notifications, an unique ID will be stored in the database. Second, when you or another user clicks on Send a test Push button, every registered device will receive a push notification. Is a standard message for now, as this is a light version, but the documentation will give you more details on how this work and can be improved. star
V2.0 11/01/16
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We know that everyone needs to build mobile-first experiences. With Flipkart Lite, we’ve developed a powerful, technically-advanced web app that performs as well as our native app. We now feel we have the best of both worlds. - Amar Nagaram, an Engineering Director at Flipkart.
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